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what’s in a name

I’m using my middle name more often these days.  I’ve even considered using it in my Health Counseling business.  It’s gotten me to think about how I never used my middle name but when I do I think about my parents, who would only say it when I was in trouble.  I still look fondly on that though… I rarely got in trouble 🙂

I admit, I really like when people say my name.  It was thoughtfully chosen by my parents and I feel very connected to it.  I have a lot of nicknames – most that I love and some that I hate – but sometimes when people don’t say my real name after a while, I forget if they know how to say it.  It’s not like it’s a crazy name but a lot of people don’t know how to say “Lah-Rah” and quite often people say my name wrong.  Laura (“Low-Rah”) is not my name.  Yet it’s more common so sometimes I just say screw it, call me what you will.

But when someone calls me by my own name, it is an expression of love.  Our names are important affirmations of our unique existence and place in this world.  Maybe we need to think about that the next time we say “hey babe” or “what’s up, dude” or “hello, cap’n”…

I remember a dear lovely friend telling me about a study where people put words and intentions on containers of water creating ice crystals and saw the shape of the crystal was affected by the word on the container.  The difference in shape between “Love” and “Sick” is incredible.  And it affirms my belief that words are powerful.  And yeah, they can beat out sticks and stones and swords.