manic music


And, no big deal, it’s at the House of Blues…!

I feel so much more prepared for this one than ever, which is funny because it’s the one that should make me most nervous.  House of Friggin’ Blues, baby!

I’m burning demos, halfway through my set list, and the ever important question of “what to wear” has been answered.  I’ve got a new, kickass guitar.  And I’ve got the biggest support system coming out to be there.  I also updated my website with new pictures, a new layout, and my new demo songs!

I’m most excited about the fact that I have my demo, printed and ready to give out at my show.  I very much needed to feel like I had a product to produce in time for this show.  I didn’t want to come out looking unprofessional or small-time… though that’s pretty much what I am.  Still, I am proud about my accomplishments and I think that’s primarily why I’m not “throw-up-I-wanna-die” nervous.

Plus, check out one of my badass covers that I’ll be playing tonight:

Take Me Home Tonight