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ode to a guitar

Yesterday, in preparation for my recording session, I drove two hours south to Carlsbad.  I went down a two lane road to a little guitar shop called “Buffalo Brothers.”

You’d drive right past it if you didn’t know what you were looking for.  I had already been there once before when I had bought my first “grownup” acoustic/electric over a year ago.  The Larivee was the guitar that gave me my first show at The Central in Santa Monica.  She gave me the courage to play loud on the porch.  She let me take her 3,000 miles away from home.  She made me realize I was good enough.

But now it was time to let her go.  That’s right, Lady Larivee got traded in for a newer model.

As good as she was, we had many disagreements.  But rather than play the blame game of who did what and she said she said, Suffice it to say that it was time we parted ways.  I know that someday soon she will make another struggling musician both deliriously happy and frustrated at the same time.

Now on to the next relationship. Helloooo Taylor Model 416ce.  You know I’ve always wanted to call you mine.  You make me wanna pack up all my things and hit the road with just you in the passenger’s seat.  Or maybe I’ll let you drive.  First stop, Silverlake!

Oh, but I’ll remember you always, Larivee…