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hay moon

There’s a full moon a-coming. It’s practically already here, set to be in its fullness today by 3:57pst.

Catherine J Kim art

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So what, right?

Go ahead and ignore it again if you like, I certainly have. Or pay attention to the free gift that you are receiving. Imagine a time when the only light we had in the darkness was from the moon. Remember that, in darkness, the light of the moon is seen. In our own dark times may we see the light of our truest selves shining brilliantly. Remind yourself of who you are, not in relation to others (your friends, your family) but in relation to the universe (the planets, the stars, that satellite that has reached Jupiter).

I’m taking this full moon as an opportunity to cleanse my mind and spirit. I’ve even suckered in a couple of friends to join me. If you’d like to join me too, here’s what we can do together from wherever you are:

Peace Ritual

July 4th celebrates the Roman day of Pax, goddess of peace. Many of us may be feeling the the irony of this in light of the gripping horrors we have experienced in our communities and plastered all over media outlets. We need to remember to speak of peace. We need to ask for peace, demand for peace, plea for peace, act for peace. I’m not saying that “thoughts and prayers” are as effective as political reform. But tonight is an opportunity for us as individuals to at least reset our minds on a path of peace that will influence our actions long after the ritual has ended.

Burn jasmine incense and light a blue candle. Say a few words, from a book or from within. “Sit quietly and visualize a blue cloud of healing and peace slowly covering the entire earth… Send out vibrations of love, understanding, cooperation, and peace. Don’t visualize how this is to come about, just that it will.”(Moon Magick)

Of course, a prayer or ritual is step one to creating peace. It is our responsibility to continue the efforts and physically manifest peace around us. Reach out to your community, donate to a worthy cause, help a friend or stranger in need, or even raise your voice on social media in the name of peace (as long as it truly is with peaceful intention and not masking anger and hate).

Go ahead, take a moment to check in and remind yourself that you are not alone. In this unexpected life, some things remain constant.