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How come every time I think about writing a music post it turns into a confession?

I’m feeling pretty guilty about the way things are progressing.  People are asking me, “when’s your next show?” and I’m telling them I don’t know.  But I have other dreams too, you know.  Not just music.  I have the reasons why I wanted to play music in the first place; not to be famous rolling in riches but to simply be communicating with others lost or unrealized ideas.  I find myself searching for other ways to do this aside from music now…

Plus, let’s be honest, music isn’t making me any money right now and here I am, almost 26, living hand to mouth.  Maybe I should be refocusing my efforts on more money-making endeavors, or my “back-up plan”.  Ugh, I truly have come to hate that phrase, I almost can’t believe I wrote it.  It sets me up for failure in whatever I’m attempting to back-up.

With that said, I miss my music playing…  Little things like tooling around with one chord to see what I can make with it.  Privately playing a three chord repeat and singing whatever comes to mind.  I’m not brave enough to put up one of those recordings so for now this one will have to do:


  1. andyosaurus September 16, 2011

    oh, you know, there’s work you do for oneself and then there’s work for money, paying the time in an office or wherever so that you can pay the bills. so that you may write songs and also write checks. i’m in the same boat, as an amateur screenwriter (and feeling guilty for not having written anything in months). just got to find the time!

  2. Andrew Niese March 6, 2013

    Don’t feel guilty for chasing your other dreams, along with music, that allow you to reach out and inspire people to do just what you are doing – living your dreams. I had the, seemingly serendipitous, privilege of stumbling across your pieces on YouTube and have been listening to you work constantly over the last few days since then. You have an angelic voice and an incredible feel for the music.

    You say that you are almost 26 (probably by now are 26) and living “hand to mouth”. Understand that everyone these days in this crazy little world are living “hand to mouth”, The truth is very few people are doing so while doing what they love and by progressing their passions and that is because most people feel it is necessary to “pay the time in the office” in order to make ends meet.

    You have inspired me through your music so I hope I may be able to return the favor by offering a suggestion… Don’t refocus your efforts and energy into more money-making endeavors. Instead, dabble in your other dreams, along with music, that allow you to communicate and spread your messages to the other lost souls that are lucky enough to see, hear, or experience your work through whatever mode or medium. You clearly have an immense amount of passion and it is absolutely obvious that you are an artistically talented individual. As long as you focus your passion and talent into creating some sort of value for people or for the world, money will inevitably come your way.

    And as for the video, it is another wonderfully peaceful piece of work. Fantastic finger picking! The best music is created from the tooling around method and singing spontaneously from what comes directly from the mind and from the heart, I’m sure you have many more incredible videos hidden away. I just hope that you have kept making music, whether you’ve been sharing it or not, and have also been pursuing your other passions. Don’t let our crazy world grind you down, keep on dreamin’ darlin’!

    Thank You for your beautiful music,


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